About Uni-fi

Our mission is to provide a platform that unifies communities by simplifying the scholarship process for both students and organizations.

We are committed to…

1) Helping organizations save time and money by providing scholarships more efficiently, so they can focus on the important work of their mission.

2) Advocating for students by creating resources and services that increase access to funding a post-secondary education.

Meet one of Uni-Fi's co-founders, Laura Gangelhoff

Laura attended Northeastern University where she majored in Communication Studies. Aspiring to work in Television Production, she gained invaluable experience through positions at ABC, CNN, and NBC. While Laura loved many aspects of the work, she was inspired to transition to the education field after witnessing the difficulties that first generation students faced in graduating from college. Her own college journey was heavily impacted by the mentors and helpers who encouraged her persistence every step of the way. Recognizing this contrast in student experiences, Laura now aspires to assist students on their college journeys while discovering and understanding the many invisible pitfalls that exist on a college campus, whether those obstacles be financial, social, or academic.

Making a career transition to education, Laura started a new position as a College Advising Corps Adviser at KIPP Atlanta Collegiate. She advised students on the intricate process of scholarships and financial aid and successfully assisted 206 seniors in earning almost $4 million in private scholarships.

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