Uni-Fi was co-founded by a scholarship expert who successfully advised 200+ students across 2,500+ scholarship applications, ultimately helping students to earn $3.9 million in local and national private organization scholarships.

scholarship expertise

You can trust that with Uni-Fi’s expertise and application assistance, students are experiencing less frustration and more completion which translates to more applicants for your scholarship.

Applicant Recruitment

With your scholarship on Uni-Fi’s platform, you’re tapping into our network of high school counselors, university and nonprofit staff, and high school and college students. You can sit back and relax, while Uni-Fi does the work of marketing your scholarship to our student network.

Application validation

Reviewing scholarship applications is hard work, and time spent reviewing incomplete applications is time wasted for your organization. Save time by only needing to review complete and valid submissions from eligible applicants.

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